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Walkera Furious 320 is the newest walkera fpv mini drone, it’s a bit like the walkera runner 250, but with bigger batter which will bring a longer flight time, and the biggest advantage of this Walkera Furious 320 is it’s transformable design which will prelong flying time.

This drone will also come with camera and osd, 4S battery, it will support gopro, the radio come with it will be either devo 7 or devo 10, it can work with the walkera goggle 2 or goggle 3 glasses.

AXIS PITCH, BETTER CONTROL IN FLIGHTVariable pitch propeller mainly cooperate with high-speed flight and optimum engine speed,
when the UAV’s speed is low and load is large, the pitch will become smaller,
and the speed increases, likewise, when the UAV’s speed is high, the pitch will become larger,
in order to get the best engine operating state in the flight, the pitch will adjust accordingly.
ADJUST THE PARAMETER FREELYPlayers can define the flight control parameters according to their needs
With the Open-source system CC3D,
the world’s best experts can exchange their ideas together.
HD LENS, WHICH LET THE SHOOTING MORE SUBTLE AND MORE REALISTICWith the 12 million-pixel high-quality light-sensitive components,
and the focus technology professional sports camera,
the camera can have the subtle shooting AF speed can up to 0.1 seconds,which allow the players to capture images faster.
Whether taking pictures, or video, it can make the photos show the perfect angle.
walkera furious 320 drone
SMART LED DESIGNUsing energy-saving LED technology,
the lights will warn the players when the racer change direction,
which can avoid collide during flight
BRUSHLESS MOTOR, HIGH SPEED AND POWERFUL MOMENTUMWe designed brand-new motor and propeller, let Furious 320 fly more agile and faster.
To bring you unlimited power.
It supports multiple game modes, offers the players unlimited enjoyment.
It supports multiple game modes, offers the players unlimited enjoyment.Battle Mode| racing mode| Collection Mode| Teaching Mode| Challenge Mode
Which UAV is the best choice for game master? Furious 320 is exactly what you need.
A combination of virtual and reality, Air Plane hardcore Europe interface design, and future sci-fi spaceship style,
the Furious 320 will show you the real scenes by controlled with the RC controller.
Combating flight, flying through, fighting against in the air, collecting objects, all test players UAV control ability.
Each battle is hearty to you, join us and experience it now!!
Walkera Furious 320 Features
1Adopting the CFP material for the main body,the racer possesses superior toughness and strong anti-impact ability
2The brand new industrial and modular design,greatly improve the product extension,which enable it much easier to maintain and upgrade
3The 5.8G real-time image transmission system and OSD system, can bring you the unforgettable visual enjoyment
4The racer can do acrobatic flights such as roll up-to-down,left-to-right,dream baron. which gives the user unparalleled flight enjoyment
Walkera Furious 320 Specifications:
Main Rotor Dia. 167mm
Overall (L x W x H) 328x254x118mm
Weight 810g
Remote Controller DEVO 10
Receiver DEVO-RX712
Main Controller FCS-FURIOUS 320(C)
Emitter TX5821(FCC) / TX5820(CE)
Brushless Motor WK-WS-28-015(CW/CCW)
Brushless ESC FURIOUS 320(CW/CCW)
Battery 14.8V 2600mAh 25C 4S Li-Po
Flight Time 9~10 minutes
Working Temperature -10 ~ +40
Video Resolution 1920x1080P 60FPS
Micro SD card Max 32G
Video Format MOV
Photo 4000x3000Pixels
Photo Format JPG
Power Input DC 5V
Horizontal Resolution 800TVL
System Commitee PAL/NTSC
Video Out 1.0Vp-p/75Ω
Power Input DC 12V
TX5821(FCC) / TX5820(CE) Emitter
5.8G wireless image transmission
TX5821(FCC) Bind B section 4 channels
TX5820(CE) B section 8 channels
TX5821(FCC) output power ≤200mW
TX5820(CE) output power ≤25mW

Walkera Furious 320 Package Includes:
Walkera Furious 320 kit with OSD
1080 camera


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