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Aircraft with automatic fixed-height, fixed automatic hover, automatic return, uncontrolled return, a return key functions. Support real-time image transmission transmission, wireless remote shutter. Head with the vertical direction 150 degrees, 90 degrees tilt adjustment function, specializes in professional aerial photography, photography.
Product information
Model: F700-3D
Size: 70 * 70 * 45cm
Takeoff Weight: 3.5kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 7.2kg
Wind resistance: 5
Flight height limit: 2000m
Remote control distance: 2000m
Illustrated Distance: 2500m
Top speed: 80km / h
Flying time: 25 minutes
Camera pixels: 12 million
PTZ: WF-2D PTZ: Augmentation accuracy of 0.1%, the pitch can be rotated 90 °, equipped sj4000, gopro3 + gopro4 HD camcorder.
WF-3D head 3 parameters: accuracy augmentation 0.02% (currently the most advanced augmentation PTZ), the pitch can be rotated 90 ° direction of 300 °, equipped sj4000, gopro3 + gopro4 HD camcorder.
A little common sense: aerial aircraft flying at an altitude 300 meters, overlooking half the city; the height of 500 meters, overlooking the city panorama; height of 1000 meters, above the clouds.
Tips II: Professional Six-axis and four-axis contrast, because of the increased two machine arm, load capacity stronger, flying more stable, more secure. Axis in a loss of power when quickly rollover crashes, can not save; six-axis can be landed safely in a loss of power situation.
Package 1: Flight 40 minutes
Package 1: Flight 55 minutes
Packaging Information
(Six-axis professional folding carbon fiber chassis) * 1
(DJ NAZA Professional Flight Control) + (GPS Kit) + (flight information module) * 1 set
(Professional 3 axis gopro augmentation PTZ) * 1 set
(Sj4000 definition cameras) + (16G card) * 1 set
(WFLY Professional 9 Channel 2.4G Remote Control) + (9-channel receiver) * 1 set
(Professional custom power aerial disc motor) + (13-inch carbon fiber aerial paddle) + (metal quick release seat) * 6 sets
(Hooray Platinum 30A Brushless ESC) * 6 sets
(5.8G professional image transmission) + (terrestrial HDTV display) + (Fig pass amplifier) * 1 set
(Cool Point nanometer high pressure 10,000-capacity battery) + (B6 Charger Kit) * 1 set
(Japan TD + GPS anti-jamming ring shield) * 1 set
(Professional Aluminum) * 1


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